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What forms of payment are accepted at Metro NBI?

We accept Check, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you have questions about alternate payment methods, please contact our billing department at (480) 223-0805.

How long will it take my insurance company to pay for my visits?

Metro NBI checks each patients' benefits before their first appointment. If you feel that your remaining balance from Metro NBI is incorrect, please contact your insurance company directly.

What happens if my bill is unpaid after 90 days?

Metro NBI's billing policy is as follows: we send out billing statements once a month to the address associated with your profile. After 90 days of trying to accept payment, your account will be forwarded to a collection agency. During this time, patients will not be able to schedule follow-up appointments. Please make payments promptly to save both parties from many headaches. Thank you!

Why am I getting bills from your providers if I was treated in an inpatient psychiatric facility? 

Some of our providers see patients on an inpatient-basis at hospitals throughout the state, as well as in our outpatient clinic in Chandler. There may have been inpatient services rendered that are not covered by hospital billing. Please see your initial paperwork signed at the hospital explaining this process. You can also contact our billing department directly by phone at (480) 223-0805.


I need to be seen today! I have an emergency! Does your office take urgent or crisis appointments?

Our office does not handle urgent or crisis appointments. It is the recommendation of all of our providers that you seek out immediate medical attention during a crisis by calling 9-1-1, or the Behavioral Health Crisis line at 602-222-9444. This line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I am scheduled with a Nurse Practitioner (NP). Are they qualified to handle my care?

Yes, all of our nurse practitioners go through a qualified degree program with extensive training specialized in Behavioral Health. Our nurse practitioners are nationally and locally certified and current with their training and board certified requirements through the Arizona State Board of Nursing. They can assess, diagnose, prescribe, treat, and make appropriate referrals.

If I see a Nurse Practitioner (NP), will I get to see a doctor/physician?

No. Nurse Practitioners practice independently and do not practice under a doctor/physician. However, if the nurse practitioner feels you need to be transferred or referred to a doctor/physician, they may do so.

I am scheduled with a Physician Assistant (PA). Are they qualified to handle my care?

Yes, our Physician Assistants are nationally certified and state licensed medical professionals that works under a physician. They have extensively trained with our physicians and work in collaboration to assess, diagnose, prescribe, treat, and make appropriate referrals. 

If I see a Physician Assistant (PA), will I get to see a doctor/physician?

Yes. The Physician Assistant works in collaboration with the doctor/physician. Patients seeing a PA will be required to see a doctor/physician at least once per year as part of this collaborative care.

I have Disability/FMLA/Employment/School/etc. forms that need to be completed by a medical professional. Can my provider complete there during my appointment?

The completion of these forms are beyond the scope of the providers' medication management/therapeutic practice, and are not considered part of the evaluation or medication management reimbursement fee. Completion of these forms will be charged based on the time and complexity of the form.

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